Generations Y&Z: It's A Different World

MAY 11, 2021 |  BY Jelen PArks

The CoVID-19 Pandemic has thrown much of our lives into disarray. We as a society have had to completely rethink the way that we do...

Adulting is Getting Out of Hand! Why COVID-19 Is Just Another Crisis for Millennials.

MAR 27, 2021  | Brianna K. Parker

Just like the 2016 election, America is again blaming millennials. We can’t catch a break with Larry Fitzgerald’s hands! While placing...

The Last Breath of Women's and Men's Ministries

NOV 29, 2018  |  Rev Bri

The front row is the seat no one wants to occupy at a funeral. It symbolizes the relationship of the living to the deceased. It is full...

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Plan Virtual Worship In the era of COVID-19, virtual worship is paramount. Those who have always...

One Size Does Not Fit All: Black Millennials Demand More From Church

May 17, 2018 - Rev Bri

There is still no place for the relevant black church. Contrary to the articles we continually read about black millennials hating the...

The Role of White Millennials in Charlottesville

May 17, 2018 - Bri K.

For decades, our nation has witnessed changing demographics with people of color now presumed to be in the racial majority by the year...

The Fugitive: A Failed Pursuit of the Black Church to Reach Millennials

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Every church in America seems to be asking how to get millennials “back in the church.” However, the more appropriate question may be,...

Why Run to the Church for Refuge? The fallout over Roy Moore.

May 17, 2018 - Rev Bri

Alabama Judge Roy Moore has been accused of sexually abusing multiple teenagers, yet he’s still in a competitive race to become Alabama’s...

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