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    Black Millennial Cafe serves churches who are searching for better ways to connect with their members. We focus primarily on Millennials but do have research, strategies, and data to help all generations in your church. It can be challenging to connect to your congregation in this technological age, but we help you, equip you, and educate you on best practices for methods that work and improve your ministry and teachings. 



    Black Millennial Cafe serves businesses and business owners who are searching for better ways to connect with their employees and customer base. We focus primarily on Millennials who are a unique and often misunderstood group but do have research, strategies, and data to help all ages in and around your business. Running a successful business is a huge undertaking and understanding your employees, customers, and community on a deeper level through research and analysis will help you connect with them, serve them, and work with them so that your business thrives. It's time to start harnessing the best parts of Millennials, not shunning them. 

Service Areas​


With our knack and attention to detail when it comes to data, analytics, and polling cannot be understated. Rev. Bri and the research team help churches and businesses understand their congregations and employees on a deeper level - helping make connections to help all work in productive peace and harmony. We provide data, research, and findings and also present and inform by sharing ways in which your leadership can act upon these revelations to make your church and workplace more effective and reflective.


With both short-term and long-term options for consulting, the team at BMC addresses problem areas in your organization or ministry and executes changes, improvement, and more with your help and our data-backed techniques. The team at BMC will assist in creating systems, action steps and strategic plans so that your needs are met and no one is left behind in the process. Consulting allows leaders in their church or company to make new changes, and find ways to work toward a more cohesive, inviting, thriving environment.


Innovation and impact are our specialty. After a few years of consulting, we realized many organizations needed programming help. There are times when churches need consulting packages and others when they simply need a programmer as they were tapped out of exciting ideas, needed a cutting-edge approach, or had volunteers for execution but no staff person to create the idea and share the details.

Subscription Training

Black Church Leader (BCL) is a unique opportunity to engage your ministry in professional development, guided by Hosea 4:6. Through its subscription-based, a la carte approach, BCL is committed to ensuring that every component of your church or organization is well equipped to trailblaze Digital Discipleship, Hybrid Ministry, Virtually Staffing, Volunteerism, and more throughout the year.


Our monthly webinars prepare churches by offering a strategic variety of training, data and solutions to prepare pastors, staff and leaders for ministry to their churches and communities. Webinars are always relevant to the times, supported with data and delivered with models and solutions to current challenges.

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