Communication between Black churches and millennials is restricted and superficial. Churches have made more assumptions than inquiries, leaving them programming blindly.


If churches are willing to ask questions, listen and act with authenticity in mind as opposed to numerical bragging and the creation of stepford Christians, they will benefit from unique gifts and souls that will not only sustain the church but catapult it into a trailblazing institution whose product matches the brand.


In a time when Black millennials lead statistical data in imprisonment and other negative numbers, millennials are overlooked in positive data that allows for better financial stewardship and ministry approaches.


The purpose of this book is to hear the voice of Black millennials on faith and the Black church by analyzing the first quantitative and qualitative data of its kind. The Black church cannot sustain itself if it loses this generation due to lack of communication, understanding and relationship and this work has engaged millennials in a way that makes loss unnecessary.

What Google Can't Give

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