Rev. Bri and her team use the power of research and data that brings benefits, avoids problems, and sheds light on the crucial information you need but don't know how to find. 



The Black Millennial Collective is there when you're looking for answers between the lines. They are constantly commissioning and performing research that solves problems, exposes problematic areas, helps you understand your community, employees, and the demographics of the people you work closely with. 

Working with the BMC on Polling and Research will consist of face-to-face meetings, virtual calls and conversations to get a closer look at your questions that need answering. Polling and research are great for any politician, local or national, agencies, marketing agencies or firms, organizations, non-profits, denominations, and more. Get the quantitative and qualitative data that you need to find, reach, and better understand the people you need to be reaching. Ages, demographics, geography, and more. Learn your community, client-base, and congregations from the inside out. 

Inquire about Polling + Research for Your Needs

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