Our non-profit is something we are very proud of. We are continuing to research, learn and analyze data and people and communities. This information is expensive and time-consuming and couldn't be possible without you. 


You are helping, assisting, and enabling financially empowering research that can be used by churches, businesses, agencies, non-profits, charities, and more gain access to the crucial data that can create, generation, and connect them to a successful outcome in their ventures. 

You are supporting the creation of resources for people and companies who can't pay for consulting or other expensive services. These data sets and metrics we are researching and analyzing are invaluable information about the market they are in, the people they work with, and the customers they are trying to reach. These uncommissioned research projects help so many organizations and churches of various sizes and help grow the entire community through researching, data, and understanding of human connection. 


Some of the hard-hitting questions that we have as black Millennials and as those trying to understand them are:

What is the state of the black church?

What influence does the black church have?

What characteristics do people associate with the black church?

What is the future of the black church?

What is needed for thriving black churches?

How are younger generations different than previous generations regarding faith and church?

Your support allows us to ask tough questions and partner with incredible research teams like us with a common goal; to understand and facilitate the improvement of black millennials and their connection to their worlds through faith, leadership, speaking, consulting, and more. 

We would like to invite you to contribute to this important project in understanding the current state of the Black Church in order to equip her and her leaders over the next decades to handle the most pressing issues.

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