Millennial Life Institute

The Millennial Life Institute (MLI) is a remote learning tool with the goal of bringing virtual, life skill trainings to millennials and friends, targeting black millennials specifically. MLI is the Black Millennials Cafe effort to help to educate our generation and others. After growing tired of hearing people complain about what we did not, we called on a great group of professionals who are experts in their field to teach us everything from investing, starting businesses and buying homes to community organizing, running for elected positions and how to maneuver through the judicial system as well as mental wellness, parenting and healthy relationships and much more. The MLI is free to everyone. Our goal is to teach what others had to pay to learn or did not learn early enough to matter. If you are a millennial, join us. If you know a millennial, invite them. If you are not a millennial, you're still welcome.

Don't Boo, Support

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With approximately 12 scheduled for 2019, the MLI will be launched on January 26, 2019. The MLI is an excellent opportunity for vendors, consultants, suppliers and other professionals to demonstrate their support of Black millennials and gain valuable visibility and recognition.  

The live webinars are about 60 minutes in length, including questions posed to the presenter, and will focus on topics that are of interest to young adults who want to adult with more ease and develop a greater sense of fulfillment as they attempt to achieve work/life balance. These training sessions will share content related to business, personal and business finance, entrepreneurship, interpersonal relationships, politics, spirituality, healthcare, education, parenting, home ownership, networking, and more. As a webinar sponsor, we are willing to consider topics and/or trainers important to your company/organization. 

After each webinar is completed, a recording is posted on the Black Millennial Café, LLC (BMC) website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (via link), LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and in mass email for public viewing. The MLI, thus, offers a distinctive and dynamic opportunity for informing various communities about your program and services as well as added professional development for your network. 

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