Invite Rev. Bri, renowned speaker, researcher, and generational data expert come and speak at your conference, event, or retreat. She helps align companies, present data and research, and unite groups for a greater good and better connection to the goals of the company, agency, or church. 


Rev. Bri is a renowned speaker and researcher- a combination that makes her lectures valuable, actionable, and great for businesses, universities, corporations, churches, and beyond. 

These educational insights will cover topics like:

 "Marketing to Millennials"

"Increasing Millennial Productivity"

"Healthy Millennial and Intergenerational Relations"

"Millennials in the Marketplace"

Though these are topics she covers most often, she is always learning, evolving, and researching new topics and is more than willing to research and prepare for your custom topic for an additional speaking fee. 

Don't miss out on the insight from the Black Millennial Collective that has vast amounts of research and data and the expertise and intimacy with these numbers and metrics to lecture and inform large groups with confidence. 


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