Beginning January 2020 | These are a series of virtual meetings

Coaching Cohort

January 2020 Young Adult & Youth Coaching Cohort 9 month program $125/mo Includes: Ministry Curriculum Digital Media Exploration Bible Study Curriculum Calendaring Complete Programing/Event Planning Gifted Guest Coaches 1:1 Monthly Consults Monthly Cohort Sessions Peer Networking
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Coaching Cohort

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Beginning January 2020
These are a series of virtual meetings

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Ministry isn't easy! Most will put work into engagement or administration, but few people can handle both well. After research and experience, it is clear that engaging your ministry is something that cannot be delegated. If there's something to delegate it's the administrative work because NO ONE can replace your personal touch, involvement and engagement of the demographic that you are responsible for leading. After more than a decade in ministry there is one thing I wish I had…ME. I wish there was someone who understood ministry, held quantitative and qualitative research, had partners around the country and continued experience with youth and young adults to do some of the heavy lifting. Where was Black Millennial Cafe the first 15 years of ministry when I was creating Bible Study lessons, attempting to create innovate events for the congregation to attend and have someone to help me to problem solve and run ideas by before presenting them to the staff, my team or my supervisor? Well, by supply and demand, I am meeting a need that I've heard time and time again. "Rev. Bri," pastors ask, "What can I do to help my youth/young adult pastor to be successful?" I would run down a list of things that could happen, I would consult with them to find the root cause, but the best thing I could do was create a program like this. Choose the youth or young adult track and let's get rolling. This program will gather in January to choose the best Cohort dates beginning in February for 9 months. Each member will present their needs and desires so that I can put the final touches on the program with some tailoring of specific needs. There is a discount for paying the 9 months in total and for registering both your youth and young adult pastor. There is no payment due when you register. We will follow up with details and payment options. I look forward to working with you and releasing more information about the program over time. See you soon!

Registration is Closed

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