With both short-term and long-term options for consulting, the team at R3 addresses problem areas in your business or church and executes changes, improvement, and more with your help and our data-backed techniques. Consulting allows leaders in their church or company to go through changes, make new changes, and find ways to work toward a more cohesive, inviting environment. 



With our ever-popular consulting practices that are informed by data, research, and human metrics that inform our systems and processes that we can help you put into place so that your workplace or church runs more smoothly, retains great people, and avoids problems that most of these places face. 

We work with mid-sized to large companies, agencies, denominations, parent-churches, non-profits, charities, and more to use data about the people in your company or congregation to improve their experience. We focus primarily on Millennials but use this information to inform connections across generations, too. 

We create accountability channels, clean and efficient systems, and strategic plans specially curated for you, your leadership, and your members or employees. We help you by setting up achievable goals, assisting you in reaching them, and creating systems and habits that work time and time again and we are more than willing to assist and observe these new working systems even after our time together is finished. 

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