Black Church Leader

Community, structure, and love are just a few things Black Churches and their audiences rely upon consistently; but the world around us is changing. Is your church ready to adapt? Are you ready to trailblaze?


How Can I Serve You?

Black Millennial Café provides churches and organizations with the opportunities for relative, cutting-edge professional development training sessions specifically designed to help with adaptation such as Digital Discipleship, Hybrid Ministry in a Post-COVID world, Virtually Staff and Volunteer Training, and more. We want to help your church or organization to thrive in a way that makes you accessible to your community and a model to the world around you. It’s time to level up!

We believe helping churches to blaze trails in adapting to modern change is the solution.

By training leaders to see beyond the challenges and work toward triumph and practical , impactful engagement, we can encourage transformation in our immediate and broader communities, personally and spiritually. We have the power to change the way that our churches engage, impact and transform.



Minimalist Church


Jump Start

(Digital Enhancement)

  • Worship Analysis & Assessment

  • Social Media Analysis & Assessment

  • Worship & Social Media Strategy

  • Presentation

  • Sample Worship Experience

  • Sample Social Media Plan

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings

Church Poll​

Customized Poll for targeted answers re: community need or satisfaction i.e. virtual worship, Christian education needs, children and youth ministry satisfaction

Assimilation Maximization

  • Assimilation Process Analysis

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings

  • Presentation

  • 30-Day Review

Community Poll​

Customized Poll for targeted answers re: community need or satisfactions i.e. community resource need, community service deficits, parental needs

Turbo Boost

(Ministry Advancement)​

  • Staff & Volunteer Training

  • Ministry Assessment

  • Youth Assessment

  • Christian Education Assessment

  • Strategy

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings

  • Presentation

Custom Poll

Custom Polls are for more complex, in-depth needs and require a conversation. Contact us via email (

Black & White
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