What is the State of the Black Church?

After 21 years of a data deficit on the Black Church, the importance of understanding the health of Black Christians and congregations seemed to be lost on researchers.

In 2021, Barna Group created a new report called Trends in the Black Church—with Black Millennial Cafe serving as a partner and our CEO, Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker serving as Lead Researcher.

Based on an extensive multidimensional study,

the report offers data and resources to address the most pressing subjects within the Church today, such as:

  • Spiritual Identity and Expression

  • Activism and Civic Engagement

  • Leadership Pipelines and Pastoral Transitions

  • The Role of Women in the Church, and more...

  • The Legacy of Historically Black Churches

  • The Flourishing of Black Americans and Churchgoers

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Churches

  • Gentrification

This report will give Church leaders a clearer sense of the needs, perceptions and values of Black Americans—inside and outside the church—based on the most robust research conducted in over 20 years. 

Following an unprecedented season of challenge,

The State of the Black Church project will equip leaders with reliable data and insights to navigate tomorrow and serve the diverse body of Christ more effectively.


Print copies are available for $39. Digital copies can be purchased for $29.

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