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Research opportunities come along often. Please click below to sign-up to be contacted about upcoming research opportunities. 


Research, even anonymous is difficult to come by in our community. Black faith and secular communities alike are skeptical of researchers because of a long history of deceit. Part of what sets BMC apart from others is the trust of the people. Thousands of people have participated in our research, trusting us to share their stories, honor their voice, protect their information and produce excellent resources for change. We don't take this lightly and it is our greatest honor to be trusted with the voice and story of Black people and communities.

  • We often host paid and unpaid exploratory focus groups on a number of subjects. We send out an email with information describing who would like to invite and the subject we’ll discuss. If you’re interested, you’d simply respond to that appeal. Add me to the list!
  • When researching, we interview people from specific demographics to further our study in both paid and unpaid capacities. Add me to the list!
  • You’re probably here because you know we survey 😊. When gathering participants for both paid and unpaid surveys, we will begin with this list whether we’re asking you to participate or share the opportunities with others. The survey subjects can be fun and lighthearted or serious and life changing. Either way, we always want to hear from our community. If interested, click below and give us a FEW details so we won’t email you about surveys outside of your demographic.

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