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Black Millennial Cafe, LLC is here to meet data, programming, assessment and consulting needs of Black churches, communities and those seeking healthy engagement with these groups. We connect our data, analytics, and research to create tools for improvement and anchoring. Here, you can find assessments, books, Bible study curriculum, blogs, and more. In addition, you can contact Rev. Bri to schedule a lecture or a speaking engagement for your organization or community

Black Millennial Cafe is my life's greatest accident.

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    Black Millennial Cafe serves churches who are searching for better ways to connect with their members. We focus primarily on Millennials but do have research, strategies, and data to help all generations in your church. It can be challenging to connect to your congregation in this technological age, but we help you, equip you, and educate you on best practices for methods that work and improve your ministry and teachings.





    Black Millennial Cafe serves businesses and business owners who are searching for better ways to connect with their employees and customer base. We focus primarily on Millennials who are a unique and often misunderstood group but do have research, strategies, and data to help all ages in and around your business. Running a successful business is a huge undertaking and understanding your employees, customers, and community on a deeper level through research and analysis will help you connect with them, serve them, and work with them so that your business thrives. It's time to start harnessing the best parts of Millennials, not shunning them. 

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Get the best of BMC here! We have classic tees, books, assessments, data sets and full research presentations for purchase and download. The team at BMC is proud to have a brand that so many can connect with. Black millennials and those we are connected to must stick together in our businesses, our faith, and our relationships. 

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About BMC

At Black Millennial Café, we desire, through our research which yields quantitative and qualitative data, to help bring awareness to and strategically address issues primarily within the Black church cosmos. With limited positive statistical data available, the need for a company that focuses on providing this information to churches and organizations is undeniable. Black Millennial Café, through our work, has stepped up to this challenge.

Birthed out of our CEO, Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker’s doctoral research, Black Millennial Café, also known as BMC, started as an online source for tips, in 2016, on Black millennials and faith. With an overwhelming response to and a need for more data, Black Millennial Café soon became not only a place to gather statistical information and examine that data, but we soon extended our services to help various organizations and churches alike move from simply analyzing critical data to structuring a plan that could change our communities.

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